George Henry Lang (1874-1958)

"Lang, a Plymouth Brethren writer, was a man of uncommon spirituality. His life was devoted to the study of God's Word. All of his writings are of the utmost value...Lang had only one ambition, to honor the Lord." - Dr. Cyril J. Barber, The Minister's Library

"I think I may truthfully say that he was the most apostolic man I have ever met...A very close student of the Word, and an independent thinker, he was not prepared to take traditional interpretations unless he was personally convinced they were right...Perhaps one of the greatest teachers of his time, multitudes could testify of the great help they received from him, either from his public utterances or from his numerous writings. It was only to be in his presence to realize that one was in the presence of a true saint of God whose holy life gave weight and authority to all he taught." - Douglas W. Brealey, The Witness