GALATIANS - A Verse-by-Verse Commentary

by Thomas W. Finley


Grace is one of the great and glorious themes of the Scriptures. Yet, many believers do not realize the full effect and power of God’s marvelous grace. While believing that a person is saved by grace through faith, many fail to understand that the new life begun by grace is also lived by grace. They understand the “unmerited favor” aspect of grace as it relates to their initial justification, but they do not know of the power of grace by which they are enabled by the Holy Spirit to live victorious Christian lives. This is why so many believers, who know they are delivered from the penalty of sin by grace, mistakenly think they must now live the Christian life under the demands of law-keeping to be delivered from the power of sin presently. You can be sure that there are many teachers who promote this distorted view of living the Christian life.

The believers in Galatia had come under the influence of just such teachers. The teaching of law-keeping for a believer’s present sanctification was producing in the Galatian believers and their assemblies the devastating effects of legalism, resulting in a life characterized by the works of the flesh. It is for this reason that Paul wrote the letter to the assemblies in Galatia that we call the book of Galatians.

Tom Finley has written a wonderful and very helpful commentary on the book of Galatians in which he explains that the Christian life begun by grace through faith is lived in the same way. This commentary is both insightful and practical. Brother Tom gives an excellent treatment of the truth contained in Galatians as he traces and explains the message in Paul’s letter. From the background of the letter to its conclusion, Tom gives helpful thoughts about the importance of and practical ways to use basic and sound principles of Bible interpretation. The “Life Application” sections give useful and practical help for living the Christian life. I found the footnotes and appendices to be interesting, helpful and filled with important information that contributes to understanding the book of Galatians. In writing this commentary of Galatians, Tom Finley has done a great service to all believers who desire to know the truth of Scripture.

The book of Galatians is important and needs to be correctly understood. This commentary will help you as you pursue that goal.

Donnie Preslar
Teaching Elder
Grace Bible Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
U. S. A.

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