Philippians - Pursuing Christ to Know Him

by Thomas W. Finley


Excerpt from an article titled “The Day of Christ in Philippians” by Dr. Robert Wilkin, published in “Grace in Focus” magazine (July & August 2012):

But Paul uses a singular here, good work. The good work is their financial support of Paul’s ministry as the previous three verses show (Phil. 1:3-5). Their “fellowship in the gospel” (v 5) is a clear reference to their financial support. That is why Paul says he thanks God for them (v 3) and prays with joy for them (v 4). Compare Phil. 4:17, which confirms this understanding.

Paul is saying that he is confident that God will take their gifts and keep on using them right up until the Bema [Judgment Seat of Christ]. That means that our gifts can keep on having eternal significance until the Rapture, even if we die long before that time.

Did not the gifts of the Philippians result in several of Paul’s letters? Aren’t those letters still bearing fruit two millennia later? That means the believers in Philippi are still gaining eternal rewards for their support of Paul’s gospel ministry.

A detailed academic article (in two parts) by Professor John Hart on this subject is also available on the Internet (“Does Philippians 1:6 Guarantee Progressive Sanctification?” Parts 1 & 2. This article is in The Journal of The Grace Evangelical Society. See the Spring and Autumn, 1996 issues of the Journal at


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