The Victorious Christian Life

A Lesson Series for the Earnest Christian

© 2002 by Thomas W. Finley, 2013 Revised Edition


The victorious Christian life is the life that God wants to see lived by us. It is not sinless perfection, yet it is the growing consistency of a holy life and witness in many areas. We should not be satisfied with anything less.

If you have experienced a cycle of failure and confession over some “besetting sin” that seems to have a grip on you, and you truly want victory, then this book is for you. If your Christian life is inconsistent and you are not satisfied with it, then this book is also for you. If you want to grow in the Lord, and wish to know Him more deeply and intimately, then this book is for you.

The victorious Christian life is Christ Himself living in us and through us. It is not us trying harder to please God. Quite frankly, the harder we try in our own effort to live up to God’s standard, the more certain our failure will be. God wants to supply us with His victorious life. In this series of topics, or lessons, we will explore how we can tap into the supply of Christ’s life that is within every believer.

This book is not a comprehensive work of all of the aspects of the Christian life, but it will provide a foundation for you. We will explore truths, principles and practices that have been tested over time by victorious Christians throughout the centuries. All that I have set forth here is based upon Scripture and the best writings that I have found on the Christian life. Finally, I can testify that everything I pass on here has been tested in my own experience. I am not perfect, but by God’s grace I do know the life of victory over so many things in my own experience. For this I give praise and glory to God.

It should be helpful at this point to provide you with an overview of what we will cover. Some of you may not be as drawn to the doctrinal aspects of the book, especially in the section on the “identification truths” (Lessons 4-7). These are those Biblical truths that show us that we are fully identified with Christ in His death and in His resurrection. Yet this doctrinal foundation is vital. Paul wrote to the Romans: “Or do you not KNOW that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death?” (Rom. 6:3). All of our experience must be based upon truth. In talking to the Jews who had believed in Him, Jesus pointed out that they needed to be free from the enslavement to sin, and He said: “If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (Jn. 8:31-32).

Because truth is the foundation for our experience, I encourage you to persevere in reading the somewhat doctrinal portions. By the way, these sections also include practical application to our experience. Then, as you can see from the overview below, there are other sections which touch more on our practices and on our attitudes as “overcomers” (victorious ones). There is nothing wrong in skipping ahead to look at these areas if you get bogged down in reading some of the more doctrinal lessons. However, I would urge you to be sure to read all of the lessons in order to get a balanced and inclusive view of how to be victorious. May God richly bless you with His Spirit as you read and consider these things.

Views of the unbeliever and the believer.

These three lessons will give you a solid, Biblical understanding of the life of the unbeliever, the life of the believer as seen “in Christ,” and the life of the believer in his experience. These lessons will greatly benefit your understanding of some of the contradictions and struggles you sense as a believer in Christ.

The “Identification Truths.”

Here we look at the Scriptural truth that our old fallen life was crucified with Christ. Additionally, we see that we have risen with Christ to live out a new life, which is Christ in us. These lessons will show us how to transfer these truths into our experience. Common mistakes that believers make in trying to live the Christian life are corrected here.

Freedom from the law and life in the spirit.

These vital lessons explain how we serve and please God in the New Testament era. We are freed not only from the commandments of the law, but even the principle of the law. Now we are under the principle of grace, which supplies and empowers us. Now we serve God by living in our spirit in union with Christ. We follow Him through the living direction and power of the Holy Spirit, not through our efforts to keep commandments.

Characteristics of the overcomer.

In these lessons we gain insight into the disposition and attitudes of victorious Christians. Seeing these will help us shape our own heart attitudes.

Practices of the overcomer.

Here we explore the Christian disciplines that are indispensable if we wish to be victorious.

God’s call to overcome.

In these lessons we see that God is calling believers to overcome more than just sin. We are to overcome sin, evil, the devil, the world, false prophets, negative circumstances, and degraded church situations. We are also to be victorious in good works, carrying out those works which God has prepared for us. By learning where God wants us to overcome, we can more accurately interpret what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in our life. In this way, we can cooperate with His working.

Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart" (Jer. 29:13, NASB)