The Victorious Christian Life

A Lesson Series for the Earnest Christian

© 2002 by Thomas W. Finley, 2013 Revised Edition


We have covered a good deal on the overcoming Christian life. It may seem a little overwhelming to some readers. However, if we take all of what we have said down to a daily level, it is really not overwhelming. It can be lived out. And, please understand that what we have covered is for the experience of a normal believer, not specifically for a full time Christian worker engaged in special service.

Let’s take a normal day in the life of an overcoming believer. Soon after arising, perhaps before getting out of bed, such a one is already turning his heart to the Lord, praying to Him and beginning fellowship. The seeking believer is going to arise early enough to get some dedicated time in God’s word and His presence before beginning the chores of the day. Soon, therefore, he or she will be finding a comfortable place to have that important feeding and fellowship time with the Lord.

Then, as he begins to go about the business of the day, the believer will inwardly be seeking after the Lord. Maybe prayers will be offered for some people that are on his heart as the believer drives to work, or as the housewife washes the dishes or rests in a chair for a few minutes. Perhaps the believer will be singing praise along with a song on the radio, or by means of a hymn that has come to mind. From time to time throughout the day, Scriptures may be meditated on inwardly as one is working. Scripture memory may also occur at some time.

As temptations arise, the victorious Christian will take his stand on the truth of God concerning his position in Christ. He is also watching and praying by inwardly looking away to the Lord, even while engaged in outward activity. In such a way, he is led by the Spirit to stay away from worldly activity and gossip. He is keeping his heart pure for the Lord by being willing to put to death worldly and fleshly desires. His separation from worldly activity is not by means of keeping certain rules, but by his inward sense of what is pleasing to God. He or she will sense liberty to do certain things, but some restraint concerning other things.

The overcomer is constantly seeking his union with Christ in inward fellowship. He is open to Christ for His leading and for service. In this way, if an opportunity arises to speak a word of witness, or to serve someone, he is ready to follow Christ. The overcomer’s conscience is keenly alive by such fellowship to potential pitfalls, or to the need for confession if there is a failure. The believer is also willing to suffer according to God’s will as different situations arise, or, as is often the case, never seem to go away. A difficult family member, a physical problem, opposition from others to our faith, the burdens of work, the constant pressure of finances, etc., all present opportunities to come daily to the throne of grace to be supplied with strength to endure the situation and to grow and learn in Christ.

The seeking overcomer is also careful to preserve some other time during the day when he can again have a definite time of fellowship with the Lord, perhaps for daily Bible reading or study, and perhaps for prayer and praise. This could even be with other members of his family. A family devotional time could be part of his routine spiritual activity. He is also often desirous of reading or listening to good ministry by others on a regular basis. This can easily be done by radio, or by other electronic means, while driving or while working around the house.

According to the desires and burdens that he or she receives while in fellowship with His Lord, this believer is also moving toward giving priority to serving in the body of Christ, or in gospel witness to unbelievers. All of us can serve one another practically and by prayer. Often, God will touch us about helping the needy or otherwise using our finances for His kingdom. In addition, the Christian will desire to serve according to his or her spiritual gifts. For example, one who has the gift of mercy may feel burdened to call or visit a saint who has had struggles. One with the gift of helps may seek ways to practically serve a family that has a need. As the believer senses this desire, he will make it a priority in his schedule to perform whatever service God has assigned to him. The overcoming believer is also longing after true spiritual fellowship with other believers. He will desire to meet with others in small gatherings of “two or three” (Matt. 18:20) and in the local assembly of believers whenever possible.

Aside from the daily life pictured above, the seeking believer is, over the long run, growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. To do this, he is genuinely seeking to follow God fully. He is willing to deny himself. This means that he is willing to let go of things and activities that naturally make him happy in order to choose the will of God. Additionally, he is truly seeking to know God’s will in the way of spiritual wisdom and understanding (Col. 1:9-10). He is always open to learn something new, and never feels that he has a complete knowledge of God and His word. To learn God’s will, he is searching the Scriptures on matters of interest to him. He wants to hear directly from the Lord. He is also willing to forsake tradition, and the ways and systems of man, in order to follow God’s word and God’s will exclusively.

The overcoming believer is ever seeking to be more perfectly in line with God’s purposes on the earth. He has an ear to hear what the Spirit is speaking, and he wants to be a follower of the Lamb, wherever He goes (Rev. 14:4). He may take a lonely path which other believers will not follow, but he will never abandon his openness to all believers, or a sense and practice of oneness with all believers (Eph. 4:1-3).

God has always had a remnant who were seeking to follow Him and His purpose on the earth. This was true in the Old Testament, for example, with the small remnant of Jews who, after being in captivity for 70 years, were willing to leave all and return to Jerusalem in order to rebuild the temple. It is also true today. Some groups may try to identify their group as “the remnant”, but the fact is that the real remnant is surely the overcomers, as we have described them, whoever and wherever they are. They are no doubt scattered here and there among many groups.

God is also a seeking God. He is seeking those who would respond to the call to be an overcomer with Him (Rev. 3:20-22). May you and I seek His grace to fully respond.

Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ Seekers of Christ

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart" (Jer. 29:13, NASB)