Philippians: Pursuing Christ to Know HimNEW: Now In Print and available for purchase

Philippians: Pursuing Christ to Know Him "“Tom Finley has written a solid commentary on Philippians whose strength lies in two distinct features: (1) it is written with the application of a consistently literal, grammatical-historical hermeneutic; and (2) it is written in a sublimely simple tone without reducing the book to mere simplicity. The target audience--working pastors and missionaries in the field--will appreciate this commentary's easy flow coupled with attention to important key themes and concepts that are essential to understand Paul's intention. The consideration paid to historical context, insights from the original Greek text, and life applications make Tom's work on Philippians a valuable resource for believers, pastors and Christian workers in countries where there is the need of quality Christian literature.”
- Cory M. Marsh, MA., MDiv., ThM. Bible and Theology Programs Coordinator Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies Southern California Seminary

GALATIANS - A Verse-by-Verse CommentaryNow In Print and available for purchase

GALATIANS - A Verse-by-Verse Commentary "Tom Finley has produced a commentary on Galatians that targets a population of readers that most theologians overlook—the very same audience that needs it most—pastors and church leaders in developing countries outside of North America. His study is exegetically sound while remaining immensely practical. Tom focuses on the most significant issues of Paul’s Epistle without getting bogged down with minutia that would detract from the primary purpose of this work."
- James Fazio (ThM, DMin, Dean of Bible and Theology, Professor of Biblical Studies, Southern California Seminary)

The Victorious Christian LifeNow In Print and available for purchase

THE VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIFE: A Lesson Series for the Earnest Christian

(Revised 2013 with new lessons and other revisions)

The Victorious Christian Life A growing consistency of holiness in one's daily life should be the experience of every believer. Unfortunately, many believers are living compromised, defeated lives, thinking that real victory is only possible for some "super saint." "The Victorious Christian Life" contends that a godly life is possible for any believer. The book's perspective is that the Christian life is Christ Himself living in us and through us. This is achieved by the believer experiencing the grace of God in his daily life, not exerting his best efforts to try to live up to God’s standards. Drawing upon almost four decades of his own Christian experience and study of God’s Word, and learning from the best writings available on the subject, the author approaches the teaching through several key topics: 1) Understanding the new life and the inner experience of conflict in the believer; 2) Identification Truths - the meaning and application our death and resurrection with Christ; 3) Freedom from Law and life in the Spirit; 4) Characteristics and practices of the victorious Christian; 5) God’s call in the New Testament to victory, giving us spiritual knowledge for cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

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  • Watch and Be Ready For the Coming of the Lord
  • Two Ways And Two Gates - And the Conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount. Matt. 7:13-27
  • Governing Principles for Building Up the Body of Christ
  • The Return of Jesus is Near - "Now Learn the parable from the fig tree"
  • The Victorious Christian Life
  • Eternal Security
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