• THE VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIFE: A Lesson Series for the Earnest Christian
    Tom Finley - Revised 2013 with new lessons and other revisions.
    The Victorious Christian Life is a lesson series that gives detailed help to those seeking to live the Christian life to its fullest. This lesson series is based on more than 36 years of the author's personal experience, as well as his research of the Scriptures and the finest Christian works available.

  • Romans 5 - 8 (The Believer’S Sanctification) Thomas W. Finley

  • The Law Of Liberty In The Spiritual Life Evan Henry Hopkins
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    Evan H. Hopkins was a leading speaker in the early years of the annual Keswick Convention. That gathering began in Keswick, England in 1875 as believers sought to learn more about the "higher life," or victorious life in Christ. This convention produced much rich ministry and souls were led to a greater knowledge of Christ. It was in response to a message given at Keswick by Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission that Amy Carmichael dedicated her life to foreign missions, thus leading to her fruitful work in India. This book by Hopkins is considered as his classic treatise on living a holy life. This work has been considered as the "textbook" of the Keswick Convention.

  • THE CONSCIENCE: Its Importance In The Christian Life Thomas W. Finley

  • BONE OF HIS BONE - Going Beyond the Imitation of Christ F. J. Huegel

  • THE SPIRITUAL LIFE Andrew Murray
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